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Dark floor matching with different styles
List:Industry News Time:2020-03-27

Some people like simple white, some people like industrial gray, and some people have a deep passion for dark colors ~

Our common floor colors are light, wood and dark, each of which has its own advantages. For the owners who like the dark color, the dark color floor is more expressive and appealing, which can fully reflect the distinctive personality characteristics in the home space.

In addition, the advantages of darker floors are relatively easy to care for, so owners who like darker floors have no hesitation when choosing flooring. So, how to match the dark floor with the furniture in order to make it more colorful and the color value soared? Say it today.

First, the main color + log color + white rule

Given that most Chinese homes are large white walls, there is a matching principle worthy of reference: white walls + large cabinets of the same color; solid wood dining tables and chairs + small furniture; dark floors + small details of the same color. If you really don't like large white walls, it is better to choose a color with a lower saturation, so that it is not easy to make mistakes.

Second, clever use of lights to expand space

If the floor height is limited and a dark floor is chosen, white or transparent chandeliers are preferred. The shape of the lamp does not need to be complicated, and sometimes a simple circle is very design-oriented. Or the recently popular track lights are also very good and will give people a feeling that your home has been well designed.

Third, the fine-legged furniture is really very stylish

In addition to clever use of space, it can also be matched with thin-legged furniture. The thin-legged furniture coordinates the heavy floor, and the entire space becomes lighter and more flexible.

Let the rugs save your dark floor

Carpeting also requires skill. Dark floor and light carpet, the contrast of the two colors can weaken the conflict between the floor and the style; the floor and carpet of the same color test the master's matching skills. If you hide it, if you don't make it well, you will seem to cover it.

As for matching with the same color system, there is no deep skill, use it with caution!

Notes on the use of dark solid wood flooring:

According to the characteristics of the solid wood floor that is not easy to bask in the sun, dark solid wood flooring can not be installed in the sunny room. Those who can get the sun should pay attention to proper shading, or the wooden floor will lose its original connotation quality after fading, which will eclipse the entire home.

Color is a silent language, it can bring a very strong visual impact.

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