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What is the production process of good floor?
List:Industry News Time:2020-03-27

Process flow:

1. Sticky wood veneer-Put artificial density fiberboard, alumina trioxide abrasion-resistant paper, and dried natural wood veneer of 10 to 200 wire together in order, and heat press at a high temperature of 200 degrees and a pressure of 2000 tons For processing, stick the natural veneer to the artificial density fiberboard.

2. Coloring-Put the wood-based artificial board into the coloring paint line, color it with the adjusted color water-based paint, and then enter the dryer for drying treatment.

3. Sanding-The surface fiber of pure solid wood is rough, and the sanding machine will polish the surface to make the veneer smooth.

4. Secondary heat treatment-stack the impregnated balance paper, the wood-based artificial board, and the aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer in order, and perform the second heat treatment.

5, cutting-cut the board after the second hot pressing into a floor strip of a specified size.

6. Slotting opening—Place the cut floor strip into the slotting line, and open the lock and chamfered edges.

7. Sealing wax—Seal the floor of the slotted mouth and perform edging to make the finished product.

Compared with traditional solid wood flooring:

1. Cost: Compared with the structure of three or more layers of traditional solid wood, because the new product only has surface wood veneer which is natural solid wood, the cost of the product is greatly reduced.

2. Locks-Traditional solid wood flooring is straight, no locks, no tension in the horizontal direction, and easy to pull out. Our new product adopts the locks of the composite floor, which is difficult to pull out in the horizontal direction.

3. Geothermal——The traditional solid wood flooring adopts cold pressing technology, which has poor heat resistance. Our new product uses hot pressing technology, which has strong resistance to temperature and is suitable for geothermal environment.

4. Abrasion resistance——The surface of traditional solid wood floor is painted with paint, which is easy to paint. The surface layer of our new product is abrasion resistant layer of alumina, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

5. Waterproof sealing aldehyde—the traditional solid wood floor does not deal with the floor panel. Our new product applies a waterproof coating to the floor panel to protect the floor from water. At the same time, it inhibits the release of formaldehyde and seals the formaldehyde on the floor. Inside.

Compared with traditional laminate flooring:

Traditional laminate flooring is determined by decorative paper for the same product. The flooring of the same pattern will have the same pattern. Our new product uses natural wood veneer. Each floor is unique and will not have repeated patterns.

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