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Why do you want to lay wooden floors, I believe you must not know
List:Industry News Time:2020-03-27

Wood is an ancient and natural green environment-friendly material, ranging from toothpicks and chopsticks, to buildings, furniture, flooring and interior decoration. These products are close to our lives and work. However, people often pay attention to the practical value of wood after making finished products. Little is known about the health effects of wood on human health. China's annual use of wood is 250 million m³. Therefore, it is important to study the health effects of wood on human health.

In the 20th century, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan Provinces have already studied the effects of wood on human health and health care, but the scope of the tree species studied is narrow and there are few practical applications. Little research has been done in China so far, and bit information is scattered in relevant Chinese and foreign literature and materials.

Indian yoga believes that trees can pass matter from the universe to people. Different tree species have different energies, and some trees can help people recover energy, reduce inflammation and prevent diseases, such as oak trees are energizing; spruce can absorb bad energy; pine trees can transfer beneficial energy; poplar bark can To cure toothache, a Russian dictionary reads: when the foot hurts, put aspen on the foot; when you have a headache, put it on the head.

Trees have biological fields, and the healing effect of trees on humans is that biological fields exert their effectiveness.

Tests have shown that some trees increase energy: oak, birch, pine, acacia, ash and lime. Trees with mental stimulation: camphor has antispasmodic and exciting effects; cypress has analgesic and sedative nerves, and relaxes the spirit; firs can relieve muscle pain and make people feel warm; sandalwood has sedative nerves And antidepressant efficacy. Agarwood contains volatile oil, and its components, agaricol, white wood fragrant acid and white wood aldehyde, have obvious health effects, and its effects are to relieve qi, relieve vomiting, and relieve asthma. For chest and abdominal distension and pain, stomach cold, vomiting, hiccup, kidney deficiency and qi asthma.

Wood aroma and health

Spices (aromas) are used in medicine and are recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica, which has a long history in China. Humans can distinguish between 3000-10,000 odors. Topical application is more effective than oral administration. A very small amount of scented substances has a negligible effect by oral administration or injection. The flowing aroma can strongly stimulate the human's respiratory center. It can produce obvious physiological effects when inhaled through the olfactory organ or in contact with the skin reaction. External application can directly affect the functions of various internal organs, change the running status of qi and blood, and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health care.

The most important volatile oil in wood is "essential oil" after being refined and concentrated. Due to its rich aroma, also known as flavor, it has become an aromatic oil commercially. A variety of broadleaf tree woods contain volatile oils. The mechanism of action of volatile oil is a mixture of a variety of different chemical properties. In addition to containing aliphatic and aromatic, hydrocarbons and their oxygen-containing derivatives, it is mainly composed of terpenoids, including monoterpenes and sesquises. Terpenes and their oxygen-containing derivatives are numerous.

The content and composition of volatile oil in wood of different tree species are very different, that is, the wood of the same tree species often has different growth environments due to different parts. The volatile oil produces different aromas during the volatilization process. The aroma is connected with the brain through the olfactory nerve in the nasal cavity of the person, and the stimulus information is interpreted by the limbic system, which has different effects on people's behavior, such as improving mood, regulating physical strength, and enhancing memory , To resist the invasion of bacteria, insects and other health-friendly health functions.

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