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What are the reasons for PVC floor bulging?
List:Company News Time:2018-03-02

The problem of PVC floor coils is the most prone problem in the construction and use of PVC flooring nowadays. Most people first look for the problem of the floor ... Today I will take you to analyze it.

I. Under what circumstances may be the floor problem-tile the intact new PVC floor on a flat, smooth, clean, dry floor (without scraping); the ambient temperature is maintained at 20 ℃-38 ℃, the relative humidity of the air is not More than 75%; time is more than 24 hours-what's wrong with the floor is what's wrong.

Second, the paved floor bulge, the reason is generally to find the ground foundation; auxiliary materials selection; climate and temperature during construction; construction process, details; use links, etc.

The grass-roots level of the civil construction has not been well protected; the ground leveling and hardening are unqualified; the ground level is not dry (water content> 3%); Low temperature (air temperature is lower than 13 ℃), high humidity during construction (> 75%), incorrect glue drying time, insufficient floor exhaust, welding just after pasting (the glue is not cured), water infiltration under the floor, etc.

Common problem one: The ground is not dry

The ground needs to be completely dry and the moisture content is ≤3%-otherwise self-leveling and the floor are very likely to bulge.

Common problem two: Self-leveling is not dry

Online circulation: Self-leveling is usually done within 24 ~ 48 hours, then you can pave the PVC floor-this is impractical and irresponsible-self-leveling must be completely dry (water content ≤ 3%); self-leveling The floor is still dry, and the PVC floor will bulge in the future.

Common problem three: self-leveling from serious gray

Due to the foundation ground problem; or the self-leveling quality problem; or the construction link problem; or the temperature and climatic problems, the self-leveling and ashing are serious, and finally the PVC floor does not stick to the ground at all.

Frequently Asked Question 4: Incorrect selection of auxiliary materials

Auxiliary materials are very important in the construction of PVC flooring-PVC floors with different processes, different specifications and different structures have different requirements for auxiliary materials; different places, different construction sites and environments, different seasons and climates require auxiliary materials It's not the same-few people take it seriously.

For example, glue-nowadays Chinese people use a kind of glue called "sheet glue". This kind of glue professionals call it "fool glue"-a leader in the field of PVC flooring and rigorous Germans "are afraid to put This ... is called 'glue'. "

Frequently asked question 5: Low temperature

The pavement PVC floor must ensure a reasonable ambient temperature. Generally, the temperature is required to be maintained at 20 ℃ -35 ℃; construction must be carried out carefully below 15 ℃; construction is prohibited below 5 ℃.

Frequently asked question 6: High air humidity

The relative humidity of the air is required to be between 20% and 75%, and the PVC flooring should not be installed if the relative humidity is greater than 75%.

Frequently asked question 7: Irrational drying time

Different glues, different floors, different floors, different environments, etc.-the drying time is not the same-requires the professionalism, experience, responsibility, professionalism of the paving master.

Common problem eight: exhaust is not in place

The exhaust of PVC flooring needs to be timely, attentive, patient, hard, meticulous and comprehensive.

Frequently Asked Question 9: Uncompacted

After the PVC floor is glued, it is generally required to fully press it with a roller of at least 50㎏ in about 2 hours; in special cases, more effective measures must be taken.

Common problem ten: Welding is too early

After PVC flooring, it is generally required to weld after 24 hours-welding is too early, and the floor of the welding place may arch upward.


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