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Anti-static PVC floor inspection
List:TECHNICALl INDICATORS Time:2020-03-27

1.5.1 The anti-static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ground testing equipment shall meet the requirements of the "common testing equipment" in this code.

1.5.2 Test environment: The temperature should be between 15-30 ° C; the relative temperature should be less than 70%.

1.5.3 The surface resistance value and system resistance value of anti-static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) floor shall be measured by the following methods:

1 Surface resistance measurement: The entire anti-static floor should be divided into 2-4m2, the measurement area should be randomly selected from 30% -50% of the measurement area, and the two electrodes should be placed on the surface of the veneer, with a pole spacing of 900mm. Panel contact should be good. In the same area of 2-4 m2, 4-8 values should be measured and recorded.

2 System resistance measurement: Several points should be randomly selected in the area closest to each ground terminal. One electrode should be in good contact with the surface of the veneer, and the other electrode should be connected to the ground terminal. The system resistance value should be measured and recorded.

3 The quality assessment method shall be implemented in accordance with the "Batch Inspection and Sampling Procedures and Sampling Tables" GB2828.

1.5.4 Electrical performance indicators should meet the following requirements:

1 requires a conductive type, whose surface resistance and system resistance are less than 1 × 106Ω.

2 requires static dissipative type, whose surface resistance and system resistance are between 1 × 106-1 × 109Ω.

3 The ground resistance value of the system should meet the design requirements.

1.5.5 Appearance should meet the following requirements:

1 There must be no drumming, delamination, or cracking;

2 No obvious unevenness;

3 No obvious scratches;

4 No obvious color difference.

1.5.6 The unit that undertakes the ground test of anti-static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shall be the authority authorized by the state and having the corresponding test report qualification.


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