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What is the difference between U-shaped grooves and V-shaped grooves?
List:Industry News Time:2020-03-27

In home decoration, laminate flooring is an important floor decoration material, and its own advantages are favored by many owners. Laminate flooring is not only distinguished by material, but also divided into U-shaped groove and V-shaped groove. Which of these two notch floors is better?

Laminate flooring

These two types of laminate flooring are both lock-up laminate floorings. They have a common advantage. The reinforced floorboards rely on the snap-jaw joints between them to be tighter and firmer. In this way, even if the laminate flooring is affected by the external environment, the floorboards expand and contract Extrusion does not affect the aesthetics of laminate flooring.

First of all, the difference in process: the V-groove floor uses a double chamfering process, and the edges are sealed with waterproof paint; while the U-groove is molded by one time, so the floor surface and the edge of the slot are integrated.

Secondly, the V-groove reinforced floor can avoid the visual effects such as swelling at the seam, height difference, etc., so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of white edges and warping. The U-shaped groove is smaller than the V-shaped groove for splicing. Although there are visual edges, due to the integration of the plane and the edge of the slot, it will not form a dead corner of dust during use, which is convenient for future maintenance and cleaning.

In addition, the abrasion resistance of the edge of the V-shaped slot is lower than that of the U-shaped slot. Because the traditional V-groove does not have a protective layer of aluminum oxide, it is far lower in wear resistance than the U-groove reinforced floor. In addition, the wear level of the edge of the floor is generally higher than that of the floor surface, and the edges and surfaces of the U-groove floor are protected by alumina, which is more solid and wear-resistant.

Laminate flooring

U-groove laminate flooring and V-groove flooring are manufactured differently. The U-shaped groove is a floor formed by the molding process, and the V-shaped groove is made by cutting the floor substrate. Both types of laminate flooring have their own advantages and disadvantages, the specific choice is based on the actual situation of the family.

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